lennox cuddling before bed

One of the sweetest moments…

Lennox may be growing up to be a big girl, I mean she is 2 years 4 months old now, but she still knows how to act like my little baby. Tonight at bedtime she wanted me to rock with her in her rocking chair. This never happens anymore. The last time I did this for more than about 60 seconds was when she was sick months ago.

So we are rocking back and forth, she is cuddling up with me like a little munchkin would:

lennox cuddling before bed

I’m loving every moment of this, since I just never happens anymore. Then she turns around and looks at me, grabs my face between her two little hands, and blurts out:


After I picked myself up from the melted puddle on the ground, I said, “aw no you are the best“, “no! you’re the best mom“, was her response.

Really? Where does this girl learn these things and say them at the most perfect moments? I love this girl.

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