ice cream time at tcby

Phone Conversations & Ice Cream

I just wanted to tell you about what happened today and how big Lennox really is getting.

I got off of work and while Kyle was getting Lennox from school, I was supposed to be running some errands {aka, finding something to wear for our family photos this weekend}. Well about 15 minutes after leaving work, I get a phone call from Lennox. Yes, from Lennox! She goes on to tell me that she is with daddy, that she wants ice cream, but she wants me to come too. I tell her I will meet her at TCBY as long as she knows I have to go to the store after and she has to go home with Daddy. She agrees. So this is where the conversation would usually end. Well, this time it didn’t. She continue to tell me about her day, who she played with, what art she did, that she wanted ice cream {about 100 times}, that she was talking to me on the phone {about 20 times}, that she wanted me to hold her, etc. She did this for 19 minutes to be exact. I had a 19 minute conversation, on the phone, with my two-year old. When did this become possible? It was one of the sweetest things. My baby girl, isn’t that much of a baby girl anymore.

ice cream time at tcby

Of course, I met her for ice cream {the second time in a week — what a spoiled girl!}. She loved her ice cream and then we went along our evening as planned.

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