lennox wearing her cowboy boots

Lennox’s Latest Obsession

This weeks Toddle Along Tuesday’s topic is Obsessions. When thinking of this, a lot of different things came to mind. Maybe the fact that she loves Doc McStuffin’s but calls her Dr. Muffins {hello, cute!}. She sings the “I feel better, so much better” {now you can have that in your head too} every time she gets her diaper changed. Or the fact that she talks to the tv when watching Daniel Tiger {from Daniel Tigers Neighborhood} and tells him to BE CAREFUL, BE CAREFUL, when he is carrying a cake for his birthday party.

But when I think about one thing that she really loves, one thing she is really obsessed with, it would have to be SHOES. Now, I’m thinking to myself, this isn’t going to be good…Shoes are an expensive obsession! I will have to limit the number of shoes I buy her… yeah right 😉

One of her favorite shoes would have to be her cowboy boots aka “Cowboys”.

lennox wearing her cowboy boots

{Picture Taken by Bubbly Beard — Can’t wait to see the rest of these pictures people!!}

The other pair of shoes she seems to really like are her silver sparkle tom-ish shoes!

lennox in a halloween outfit

Does anyone else have a kiddo who is obsessed with shoes?

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3 thoughts on “Lennox’s Latest Obsession

  1. Summer

    OMG! That Doc Mcstuffins song never goes away!! It’s so funny how the obsession with shoes can begin at such a young age. My daughter’s got it too!

  2. Mary

    My daughter has a slight shoes obsession. It is one the only words she can say and she carries them around all the time. Your daughter is such a cutie!


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