weekend with two kids cousins

We Had an Extra Child This Weekend! {Weekend Recap}

This weekend we babysat Lennox’s cousin, our nephew, Henry! After our recent trip up to Cape Cod, they have really been having fun together. When Henry first arrived there was a little of “That’s MY toy, no that’s MINE! MINE MINE MINE!” but eventually Lennox stopped being jealous and started to play nice. It was a lot of fun having Henry over for the weekend, but having two kids the same age is hard!

Here is a photo recap from their weekend together:

weekend with two kids cousins

From Top – Bottom, Left – Right:

1 & 2: Lennox outside kicking the ball around while she waited for Henry to arrive — this weekend it was in the 50’s! Big weather change for texas but it was nice to wear warm clothes and feel the crisp air! I love it! I think she does too 🙂

3. Henry arrived! Time to go play on our playground in the backyard. They are getting so big!

4. Henry thought the lawn mower was a truck, and the “truck” had to go down the slide too, of course!

5. After nap time, Lennox really wanted to give Henry a hug and tell him what to do… This is Henry trying to escape the arms of Lennox!

6 & 7: Time to get out of the house for a few to get some dinner. They had fun sitting in the back together. We went in Kyle’s new red car, which we told Henry was Lightening McQueen {which he loves, and was wearing on his shirt!} — He thought that was pretty much awesome!

8. Phew, finally time for bath time and bed. They have a blast taking baths together, taking advantage of it while they are little and still can!

All in all, good weekend with Henry, followed by some shopping time this afternoon and an evening playing at our neighbor’s house. Next weekend? Family photos, pumpkin patch maybe? and hopefully Texas State Fair! How was your weekend?

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