A Toddler Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist for Lennox

Christmas time is about to be upon us {or already is for some who disrespect the turkey — I would be in full Christmas mode, if Kyle would go along with it..but not until the day after Thanksgiving in this house — boo!}.

If you remember my consignment post, I got almost all of Lennox’s christmas gifts taken care of this fall! It was nice to get all her main gifts taken care of. Of course, I have picked up a few other little things and stocking stuffers {how can I resist?}. There is still one thing left to get, every time we talk about Santa, she asks for a Pink Necklace — so I have to make sure I get a Pink Necklace as her Santa gift!

So even though my shopping is done for her, I have to put together a wishlist for everyone else in the family, since they will be asking what she likes/wants. So here is what I came up with:

A Toddler Christmas Wishlist

{from left to right – top to bottom}

1. Butterflies Doll – This is a new line of dolls that is only available at Cracker Barrel {random I know!}. They are super cute, inexpensive and have lots of fun accessories. The best part is that they sell clothes for both doll and toddler, so that they can match. Similar to American Doll, but WAY cheaper! She always likes to play with them when we go there for Breakfast.

2. Melissa & Doug Latch Board – I just love Melissa & Doug. This is one I have wanted to get her for a while, but just haven’t. Each time she sees this latch board somewhere, she plays with it.

3. Melissa & Doug Stamp Set – She loves stamps and doing art, so there are lots of art things on her list this year. I like that these have a handle, so maybe she won’t be completely covered in ink!

4. Melissa & Doug {do you see a trend?} Lacing Toy — This is a skill they are working on at her Montessori School, so I thought it would be a good one to have at home as well.

5. Dora the Explorer Cash Register – Lennox likes Dora and Money.. go figure. Thought this would be something different for her to play with and learn about money.

6. Crayola Color Wonders Fingerpaints — This looked interesting when I saw it at the store. Seems like a much less messy way of playing with finger paints!

7. Mickey Mouse Beanbag Chair — I saw this just this weekend in the Bed Bath & Beyond flyer and I know she would love it. She played on the bean bags at my work and she loves Mickey Mouse.

8. Lorax 3D DVD — We have never seen this movie, but I’ve heard good things. We also just got a 3D tv, so this I thought this would be a good one.

9. Lennox is getting a lot of Cinderella stuff this Christmas. She knows who Cinderella is, but has never seen the movie.

10. Aqua Doodle — Lennox likes to color, but seems to color on EVERYTHING in sight, so this would help control the mess and let her draw and draw!

So what is on your little one’s Christmas list this year? Do you have any of these toys already?

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