Holiday Christmas Bucket List 2012

Holiday Bucket List

I decided to continue with my seasonal bucket list, so here is our Holiday/Christmas Time Family Bucket List. I just love everything about Christmas and everything on this list!

Holiday Christmas Bucket List 2012

I want to start a family tradition this year for Christmas Eve. Growing up we didn’t have a specific tradition, even though we always went up to my Grandparents house for the evening. I guess that was a tradition, but I was thinking more something that would be a tradition for Lennox. A special gift each Christmas eve night, or something we go see each year. Anyone have a tradition they have always done that they could suggest?

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Bucket List

  1. Meredith

    Every year when me and my sister were growing up we alll got to open 1 gift on christmas eve, even my parents. It was always pajamas and we would wear them that night. We still do it to this day even with us both living out of state!

  2. Sarah Kil

    Hi Heather! So good meeting you today!! 😀 Thanks for stealing my ornament! Haha~ JK. Hope you enjoy it! The tree ornament is not broken! The light came on!
    Anyway, just checking out your blog! Love it!

    Also… I don’t think my family and I had traditions, but my husband and I started this last year … We both pick out one ornament each to add to our tree. It kind of has to have a theme. So last year it was sock puppet monkey’s and this year it was disney ornaments 😀

    Hope you get a great idea!!

    Oh and I’m at!


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