family picture on thanksgiving 2012

Long Weekend Recap

Well the long weekend is wrapping up {sad face} but before we know it Christmas time will be here and we’ll all have some time off again! I do hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving filled with lots of yummy food and fun times with family. We spent the morning with Kyle’s family before heading over to my sister’s house to eat an {as always} delicious meal!

Here is my little family:

family picture on thanksgiving 2012

Terrell Family Photo:

Terrell Family Picture Thanksgiving 2012

Don’t you just love Lennox’s little outfit?

Lennox just loves her Uncle Kollin and Aunt Sissy. She gets so excited to see them and always asks about them. She is their little shadow as well!

We couldn’t forget the cuddle time with cousin Henry and Auntie Kim!

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas time has arrived — my favorite time of year! Everything about Christmas time makes me happy; the music, the goodies, the decorations, the events and of course Christmas morning with my family! This weekend we did some shopping around black friday {of course!}. Lennox had so much fun shopping. I was sure she wouldn’t last very long in the busy stores but she just kept asking to go to more! Another store mom, another store! Let’s go mom! That’s my girl!

Black friday was a success for shopping! Between the online sales all week and my trip out on friday, I got most everything done for Kyle, Lennox {she was already pretty much done}, and a few other people! I still have plenty of shopping to do, but it’s nice to get a good start! I love buying Christmas presents!

We then spent most of the day Saturday and some sunday getting the house all decorated for the holidays! The only thing left is to get the outside lights up, hopefully that will happen in the next few days!

Christmas Trees

Is there anything better in the evening during Christmas than the warm glow of the Christmas lights? I just love it!

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