Dallas Mavericks Panoramic Picture

MAVS: Get Roudy, Get Loud, Get Proud

Kyle recently became a manager at work and with this new job, came some new perks! Where he works, if you are below manager status, there aren’t many perks at all… so now that he does get some, its time to take advantage of them! So on Monday night, last minute, we got tickets to the Dallas Mavericks game {vs. Timberwolves}.

Kyle has been to many Mavericks games, but I never have. The only NBA game I had been to was when we went to Orlando and saw the Magic play.

So anyway, we arranged to drop Lennox off at her Mimi’s house and off we went. Being a monday night, the stadium wasn’t very crowded and our section was almost empty — but that was kind of nice. We had corner platinum suite style seating. Nothing like roughing it sports style {waitress, leather seats, no lines for food, special entrance}.

Although we had a great time, my “sports luck” as I’ll call it, took full effect. The Mavericks SHOULD of won this game without a problem, but of course they lost. Pretty much anytime I go to a sporting event, the home team loses. Go figure.

I was able to try out the new panorama feature on the iPhone 5 too. It takes a while to take the picture and you have to have a really steady hand, but it’s fun nonetheless! {Click on it to get the full effect}

Dallas Mavericks Panoramic Picture

Dallas Mavericks Game

Dallas Mavericks

Just for the fun of it.. I zoomed in {on my phone, crappy quality sorry} I still find amusement in the fact that Mark Cuban {owner of the mavericks} will always be on the floor in jeans, sneakers and t-shirt!

Dallas Mavericks Dirk and Marc Cuban

Does anyone have “sports luck” just like me??? I think if it keeps happening, Kyle won’t want to bring me to sporting events with him anymore…geesh!

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4 thoughts on “MAVS: Get Roudy, Get Loud, Get Proud

  1. Leslie

    I am fascinated by Mark Cuban. I don’t know why but I am. I love him on The Shark Tank, he just doesn’t seem like your typical millionaire,


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