Channing Tatum Sexiest Man Alive Centerfold

Mommy Sunday Break

Last week I posted about who could be this year’s Sexiest Man Alive for PEOPLE Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue. My vote was for Ryan Gosling, which surprisingly didn’t even have much of a placement in this issue. The winner was Channing Tatum. My guess, he won this because of Magic Mike {which I have yet to see, but I want to!}

Channing Tatum Sexiest Man Alive Cover at Kroger

I headed to Kroger to get my issue of PEOPLE Magazine, a Starbucks {hello buy 1 get 1, plus forgotten about gift card = free!} and while Lennox took her nap, I had a few moments to myself! This I will call my Mommy Sunday Break! It’s nice to just take a break sometimes and relax!

PEOPLE Magazine

This issue was a double issue, so it had extra goodness. To me this is a fun magazine to look through – all in good spirit. My favorite part of all PEOPLE Magazine issues is the StarTracks section. I kind of love seeing pictures of celebrities in the real world. So many of them look so different when out of the spotlight, but I like how it makes them seem so much more “normal”.. as normal as they can be I guess! One of my favorite pictures out of StarTracks this time was Michael J. Fox’s family. look how much his Son looks just like him! A mini-me Michael J Fox.

I then flipped through to the cover article: Channing Tatum.

Channing Tatum Sexiest Man Alive Centerfold

They of course had the most coverage on Channing Tatum. But to me, it’s fun to see who else was in the running. This year they broke it out into funny categories; like Sexiest Hot Dogs {celebs with dogs}, Sexiest Mustaches {Celebs with mustaches}, Sexiest Magic Mikes {lots of wrong things going on in that section}. The funniest section though was all about James Van Der Beek {aka. Dawson from Dawson’s Creek – middle school blast from the past!}

I turned to this page and just cracked up — how randomly funny is this?

James Van Der Beek People Magazine

Totally random — very old spice commerical-like.

One last section I liked was about Twilight. I can’t wait to go see the last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2. I haven’t gotten there yet, but I plan to very soon — sometime when Kyle is around to watch Lennox, since he really doesn’t want to go! It’s totally cheesy acting, I know, but it’s entertaining and I need to know what else happens in the story! But anyways, back to the magazine. They had a “Then & Now” section for the main cast of Twilight. They sure have changed over the past few years. I just love this main picture of Bella though. I want her effortless look and hair!

Twilight Cast People Magazine Then and Now

So, make sure to go out and get this month’s issue of PEOPLE Magazine for a lots of sexiest men alive!

Also, Congrats to Elis who won the $20 Kroger Giveaway – Hope you are able to go get PEOPLE magazine and some other goodies for yourself {rather than just groceries!}.

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