a toddlers imagination


Let’s talk about Imagination. Does your child have a big one? Do all toddlers have huge imaginations? I honestly have no idea! All I know is that Lennox has a HUGE one! She will go on about something for an 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour, every single details, and remember it all, never skip a beat. Sometimes it amazes me that she can even get so deep into it.

Let me give you an example….

Last night, she is taking her “princess bath” {aka.. using bubble bath that has princesses on the label} and she is treating her   like a baby. She picked it up, out of the water, ever so gently, spoke to it in a baby voice {“aww baby, its ok, I’ll take care of you… are you hungry? are you sleeping? i love you baby”}. All these things come out of her little mouth…. to a  wash cloth, which she proceeds to put in a cup of water, to go to sleep. Who knew a wash cloth could be a baby.

Once the baby topic left her little brain, she found an invisible swimming pool! She picked it up and placed it in my hands. I pretended not to know what it was. I asked, “what is in here?” She exclaimed, “MY SWIMMING POOL, I HAVE TO BLOW IT UP!” She took it back into her grasp and started to blow it up {aka, put her thumb in her mouth and blow…}. She blew and blew until it was full. She then placed it back in the tub {remember, it’s invisible!}, got it all straightened out, and then told me she was going to get in! She jumped in, sat down and started swimming and playing in it.

Then it was time to get out of the bath so I told her to pick it up and bring it to Daddy. She went through the whole routine again with Daddy, but on the bedroom floor. Really?! How does she get these things in her head? It cracks me up when she goes on and on.

a toddlers imagination

If she keeps this imagination, I wonder what she will grow up and do with her life….

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2 thoughts on “Imagination.

  1. Leslie

    Oh my goodness, that is so sweet. For some reason bath time see a to be extra magical for kids. Their imaginations really get going. So cute!


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