halloween 2012 with a chicken and a pirate

Trick or Treat!

The other night was the adventures of the Chicken and the Pirate! Let me say, these two little cuties did a GREAT job trick or treating. Henry the chicken did a great job saying Trick or Treat at every single house, what a good little boy. Lennox on the other hand, didn’t say trick or treat to anyone, but she knew exactly what to do and kept asking for more and more candy from more and more houses! It was so fun watching them get so excited about everything going on in the neighborhood.

halloween 2012 with a chicken and a pirate

My little pink pirate is ready to go! She kept her bandana on the whole night, I was impressed!

trick or treating pirate

Checking out all the yummy candy. We had to dump it into a bag a few times because it was too heavy for her… Let’s just say she has A LOT of candy!

trick or treating

Some picture from around the neighborhood… We live in a big neighborhood with a TON of kids so everyone sits out in their yard/porch/driveway and gives out candy. It is actually easier than going and knocking on every door too. Some houses were having parties or haunted houses too. Lennox wasn’t so sure about those haunted houses, but I imagine when she is older, they will be a blast for her!

trick or treating 2012

All in all it was a great night! She has been asking to be a pirate everyday now, and asks for candy every waking moment of the day 😉

I hope everyone else had a fun Halloween!

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