A Gingerbread House Tradition

Every year as a kid (since I can remember), I have decorated a homemade gingerbread house. My aunt would always make big homemade gingerbread houses for the family kids to decorate. It was a weekend I looked forward to every Christmas season.

When I got married, my aunt gave me her perfected recipe so that I could carry on the tradition. I tried one year and it just didn’t work out well (the problem? I used a template kit instead of making my own template .. lesson learned.) So now? My sister has been able to do the making of houses, while we come over and decorate.

Last year, Lennox had fun but it was very short-lived – mommy pretty much did all the decorating.

toddler decorating gingerbread house
This year? She still lost interest after a while but she was much more into it and she loves looking at it everyday. Of course, she had LOTS of help from me, but she assisted me by giving me the candy we needed, if i put frosting on the house, she would stick on the candy where it went, and of course, eating! She ate lots of candy!
She also now thinks that it’s HoHo’s house!
toddler decorating gingerbread house 2012


toddler decorating gingerbread house 2012


gingerbread house decorated


lennox decorating gingerbread house

The art of it got perfected when I was a kid/teenage — I have to get the skill back! You really should see my aunt’s houses too — they are AMAZING and completely hand-made. The only non-edible thing we always had were the foil on candies. Here is one I stole from her Facebook… If you are reading this, please and thank you 😉
gingerbread lighthouse

Do you have a tradition like this? Did you grow up decorating gingerbread houses?
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2 thoughts on “A Gingerbread House Tradition

  1. Diana

    Wow! Your aunts is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever made one of these. Apparently I’m missing out. My mom and I just make Christmas cookies every year.


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