A Visit with Santa

Saturday we had our neighborhood holiday festival. Each year our Homeowners Association has a big Christmas festival complete with Santa! The first year, Lennox was only 5 months old and she had no idea what was going on:

And yes, I know… the Santa’s Helpers Elves are a little weird in this picture…

Then last year, she was scared out of her mind – stranger danger!

But this year…well, she did GREAT! I still can’t believe it. We told her what we were going to do before we left and she “practiced” with daddy. When it was her turn, she went right to Santa and sat on his lap. We didn’t get any big smiles but she did sit with him for a few minutes and whispered what she wanted (a pink necklace).

I’m so proud of my little big girl! She was so cute and so sweet with Santa. Once her turn with Santa was over, she was on a little happy high! I’ll be interested to see what happens next time she sees Santa. She will be seeing him on Friday when we go on the Polar Express (more on that soon!).

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