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With only 2 days left until christmas, I’m just getting around to sharing our Christmas family photos. It’s been a very busy christmas season over here for the Terrell family and this past week hasn’t been any different. Happily, I had this past week off, my parents are in town for some of the winter, and Lennox was home from school most of the week. It’s been a fun season so far with an exciting Christmas day to come! I just haven’t had time or the energy to blog much. Once the holiday’s pass, I’m sure I’ll back to my normal schedule! So anyway, I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season so far!

Each year we go and get a quick christmas family picture taken at one of the retail photo studios for cheap (we’re talking $19!). So this year, like all the others, we headed out and got our picture. Lennox did great – she is a little model in front of the camera!

2012’s Picture:

2011’s Picture:

Do we see a theme in 2011? Every picture Lennox stuck her tongue out in! It was fitting for her personality!

2010’s Picture:

Lennox sure looks different from year to year!

Do you have a christmas picture taken every year?

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