HoHo the Elf {Week One}

Last weekend we introduced Lennox to her very own santa’s helper, the Elf on the Shelf! She appropriately named him, HoHo! So, say hello to our latest family member, HoHo the Elf! So far we have been having fun with HoHo. He hasn’t gotten into too much trouble yet! Each day Lennox asks where HoHo is… and then giggles with glee when she finds him. I just love it! Many people think the elf is creepy… I just don’t see it. Maybe if you don’t have children, he’s a little weird but its the magic of Christmas that just makes it so much fun! I was unsure if Lennox would understand or be interested in the Elf on the Shelf. She doesn’t quite get the whole point of it yet but she does realize that he is in a new spot every day and that she isn’t suppose to touch him {even though she has a little..don’t tell Santa!} Here is a look back at HoHo the Elf’s first week in the Terrell household:

ELF ON THE SHELF IDEAS FOR TODDLERS{from top-> bottom, left -> right}

  • Grand Entrance: HoHo showed up Sunday morning with a letter from Santa Claus himself and his story book. We read the book and Lennox decided on the name HoHo!
  • Hanging Around!: HoHo was hanging upside down from the candles on the kitchen wall – this got a big giggle!
  • Gingerbread House: HoHo found himself a pint-sized house — Lennox’s gingerbread house!
  • Chandelier: Just some hanging around by the Christmas Tree for HoHo.
  • Bedroom Door: HoHo decided to protect Lennox over night and hang out on the door to her room Thursday.
  • Microwave: HoHo wanted to make Lennox breakfast {microwave pancakes} before school so he was found on the microwave.
  • Potty Training: Uh oh… HoHo was caught on the Potty!
  • Christmas Tree: and today… HoHo was hanging out in our Christmas tree…dreaming of Cape Cod!

So far, so good! We’ll see what mischief our Elf on the Shelf can get into this next week. What is your child’s elf been up to?

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9 thoughts on “HoHo the Elf {Week One}

  1. Jen

    I needed this post! Thanks for the reminder to move our elf, who happens to be named Elf (yeah, I have a really creative two year old here).

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  3. Samara

    My son won’t name him (he’s 2) are we allowed to touch him after the child sees him (like the microwave placement)? Can we move him in front of the child or when he leaves the room?

    1. Heather Post author

      Last year, my daughter (3 1/2 now) did touch the elf a lot – it was hard to get that part – but this year, she understands not to touch – so that’s good!
      We don’t move the elf when our daughter is around.

  4. Jeanette

    Samara, we made our own letter from our elf (who isn’t the “real” elf, but one of a similar size that was much cheaper and cuter!!) that told our kids that only grown ups are allowed to move him if he might get dirty during the day or something 🙂 The kids made him a chair out of lego that we move him to during the day after they discover his mischief. We also got a mailbox from the dollar store that the kids can use to write letters to Stanley (our elf’s name!) and for Stanley to write back. They love it!! You can do whatever you want with your elf, just have fun!!

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