Level 1 vs. Level 2

Well, I’m successfully on my way through Level 2 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I think Jillian puts it pretty well with two things she says – one in level 1 and one in level 2. In level 1, she says something like… “If you feel like you are going to die, follow Anita” or “Take a 5 second break”. But in Level 2, Jillian says, “I want you to feel like you are going to die”. That is pretty accurate, especially on day 1 & 2 of each level!

30 day shred level 2

I am 3 days into Level 2 now and feeling pretty good!

30 Day Shred Keep Calm Poster

Day 8:

Level 2 – BRING IT! Ok so, I knew going into this workout that I probably was going to feel like I was dying by the end. Outcome? Feeling like I was going to die 😉 BUT, I quickly recovered and it felt good! I had no soreness, which I figured I would from all the new moves. No soreness = happy Heather!

Gym Workout: 25 minutes cardio – elliptical for 25 minutes on level 3 & 4.

Day 9:

Honestly, I was dreading this workout too… Just knowing how hard it was the first day, but I went to it in the morning before getting the day going, which was nice to just get it over with honestly! It went well, I had to take a few breaks and do a few modified moves. The planking moves are hard and double jump rope — dream on Jillian!

No gym workout today as it was Saturday. 

Day 10:

Today I had to take a break from working out due to The Time Lennox Cut My Eyeball . Yeah… good times!

Update on seeing two of you… Went to eye doctor and the diagnoses (DIE-A-NOSES as lennox would say) is that Lennox cut the middle of my eye. It is healing quickly, the pain is minimal now and blurred vision is going away. Antibiotic drops for 3 days and I’ll be back to normal!

Day 11:

Back at it today. I wasn’t looking forward to this a little bit after a day off, but it went by quickly and I actually did pretty good. Maybe the day off was a good break for my body! I got through the workout, listening to Jillian and only taking a break during the plank crunches. What is with all the plank moves?

No gym workout today since I had to stay home from work. Back at it tomorrow @ lunch!

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