Lennox in the Rain

Funny Sayings by Lennox

Lennox is quite the live wire if you hadn’t figured that out yet! She is a non-stop, crazy girl with more energy than any of us and she literally, never shuts up! I love hearing her go on and on (of course, sometimes — I wish she would just be quiet for a moment!).

She comes up with some silly and funny things, I thought I would share some.

It has been raining straight for two days, so when we left for school this morning, in our rain coats — I’m locking the front door and I hear this little one:

Lennox in the Rain

saying.. “It’s freezing outside, we have to get outta here, I need my pockets!”, “It’s freezing”, “I’m freezing, I’m wet!” (while fake shaking her body)

Then we have the Doc McStuffin’s doctor kit, that it seems like all little girls got this Christmas. As I have mentioned before, she calls her Dr. Muffin’s.

Lennox Doc McStuffins

She loves it, she loves giving everyone a check up. Lately, she has been doing all her little checkups and telling me that, “I HAVE A DIE-A-NOSES” It’s about the cutest thing ever 🙂

And another new one, Lennox will take the pacifier from her baby doll and put it in her mouth. This is the girl who as a baby would NEVER, EVER take a pacifier, even when we wanted to. I think my CAT used it more than her (background: my cat kept taking her things — and mine — and chewing them up when she was a newborn — I guess she was jealous).


She doesn’t just take the pacifier though, she walks around going “gugu – gaga” and pretending to be a baby — it’s funny but we probably need to keep telling her she isn’t a baby since I don’t know if she is doing it to be funny, or to get attention like a baby!

One last thing she is doing a lot now is introducing everyone we meet (including family members we are around all the time) that I’m Heather, Dad is Kyle, She’s Lennox, etc etc… It’s cute that she calls us by name, but we would rather Mommy & Daddy thank you very much! Another sneak peek into our teenage years? I think so!!

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4 thoughts on “Funny Sayings by Lennox

  1. Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com]

    We should get her and Braden together for a talk-off. I’ve unfortunately said to Braden WAY too many times (especially on long car rides), “BRADEN! PLEASE just stop talking!!!!” I’m glad that he can communicate so well and that he doesn’t have to do speech therapy or anything, but yikes!

    1. Heather

      I can only imagine their conversation… OR, lennox will be as quiet as a mouse! She is either chatty cathy or quiet quiet… go figure. It is nice to see their language developing so well though! I personally, didn’t talk until I was 3!

  2. Heather

    So funny! My daughter take a real pacifier but she has started doing the same thing with the doll’s and it kills us. I love that Lennox is introducing you by your names instead of mommy and daddy. That is totally a pre-teen trait!


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