“Lennox-isms” 2.0


Lennox always has funny things to say to us, and she is quite a character. I posted a while back some funny conversations we have had, here is version 2.0!

One morning after spilling some of her milk from her cereal bowl, she says in a very concerned voice, “My dress, it’s all milky!”

While sitting on the potty before bed, she wouldn’t let us in the bathroom, we had to wait outside the door and all she says to us is… “I’m going to go poopy!!…BIG poopy!…Like a big mountain!” Oh gee, thanks, just want I always wanted, a poop mountain! Now if only she would learn to go #2 in the potty 😉

At bedtime, she never goes right to sleep. She almost always plays w/ her stuffed animal, reads a book or sings songs. She was calling out for us to come see her (so that she didn’t have to go to bed!) and she calls out, “Mommmyyy…I want youuuu” a few seconds later “I’m sad… in my heart” .. ok, now that made me go upstairs and see her! That even made daddy cave in and let her get up for a little while to play more… wrapped around his little finger I tell you!


This week at work, we were all given a large gnome (guess where I work!).. upon opening the box at home, Lennox exclaims, “IT’S SANTA!!”

I know there are about 100 more sayings I could tell you, but I just can’t think of them at the moment. So until next time, what funny sayings do your kiddos tell you?

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