I haven’t been sharing as many pictures or even posts lately as I try to get back into the swing of work, routine and everything in between. So today I figured I would just do a small photo dump from instagram photos I have loved lately 🙂

First up… A nice shot of the Grapevine Vintage Railroad cars in Grapevine, TX. I had the pleasure of going on the Grapevine Wine Train before Christmas with a friend (the same train we went on for the Polar Express ride!) I just love these old trains and the way the sun was hitting it in the late afternoon.
Grapevine Vintage Railroad

Next up, Here is Lennox on the first day back to school. She would rather stay home and ride her new bike she got from Mimi for Christmas, than get her things together and get out the door. The was post tantrum and pre next tantrum!! You can imagine how that morning went 😉


It’s been mighty chilly here in Texas lately. As a northerner – it’s a nice break from the 100* heat of summer. There is something about the crisp cold air in the morning and evenings and a little frost glistening all over everything in the sun.

Ice on Car Window

Along with this cold weather, came some SNOW on Christmas Day! Lennox was all bundled up and ready for the snow — although in a way, I think she liked looking at it out the window rather than going outside in it. She looks so grown up here… Look at all that hair!! I want it!


Here is Lennox checking out the snow all over everything. She loved that there was snow on the Polar Bear.


Most every morning, Lennox is happy to get up and see either her mommy or daddy. If I take a picture of her, she will keep saying cheese and want to see each picture, and then ask for more!


There is nothing better than some sweet snuggles with mommy before bed! A little of her new Lalaloopsy nightgown showing in there too – she loves that thing!


And lastly, what is wrong with this picture? We were waiting until it was time to go into school and this is what was going on in my backseat. My daughter turned into a big girl and left a cat behind!


So — those are a few of my favorites as of late! It’s kind of fun to look back at all the instagram pictures I have taken. Right now I am currently at 712 photos! If you don’t already follow me, start! My username is just HeatherTerrell

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