I Can See Two of You.

It’s Monday again. Yay Monday…? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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Well the highlight of my weekend should have been having a date night with Kyle.

We headed out to the Dallas area, where we never got to try a great little restaurant that has been around for 100 years (Lefty’s Lobster & Chowder House – great atmosphere, yummy food, great staff, fancy cars outside, we were the youngest there by many years… oh well!) and then trying out a new movie theatre (Venetian Theatre – pretty good place, great chocolate molten lava cake, good movie – Gangster Squad).

Instead I spent Sunday trying to heal from … are you ready for this? A poked eye.

Seriously.. a poked eye.

Who would have thought a toddler could poke you in the eye and something would actually come of it? Well I spent the first few hours trying to keep my eye open, and then trying to keep it closed to try to heal it. As the evening wraps up, I can keep my eye open now, but my vision is blurred 🙁

Why is there not ONE SINGLE eye doctor open on Sundays? Not even the Walmart/Target/Lenscrafter doctors are around.

So hopefully I can get into the eye doctors today and they will make my vision come back so I see one of everything instead of two!

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