The Girl Can Dance

Lennox loves to dance. This has been a known fact around the house for the past few months, but lately, she seems to be dancing all the time — especially to songs on TV. This weekend we watched the Lorax for the first time. It’s a really cute movie, I just love the bright colors and the fun songs. Lennox loved the movie as well, especially the music. I was doing something else and looked up and saw her dancing away so I had to catch it on video. She is still in her pajamas with crazy bed head and her christmas tree is in pieces on the ground — don’t mind the mess 😉

I thought this was too cute not to share! Too bad you can’t hear the music more!

Tonight before bed, she was also singing the “Let it Grow” song from the movie – I have a feeling this movie will be on the repeat rotation for a while!

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