Lennox playing in texas snow

Thunder, Lightning, and….!!

Usually we all have a heads up when it’s going to snow, especially down here in the south. It’s anticipated by kids and hated by many adults…but not me! I love love love when it snows here! So when I woke up at 4am (ugh yes, Lennox is sick so she was up in the middle of the night coughing), it started thunder and lightning. I figured rain would follow. Well I guess the temperature got colder than forecasted and guess what… it snowed!

January 2013 Snow thunderstorm DFW

Lennox was excited that it snowed too when I told her when she woke up. She was home sick with me, but I couldn’t NOT let her go out. So we put our clothes on and went outside, for all of 4-5 minutes! She gets cold really fast and it was wet and melty by the time we got out there. But, she still got to play in it for a few and I had to take a few pictures.

Lennox playing in texas snow Lennox playing in the snow

How do you like her pig hat? or how about the fuzzy pink jacket? She was AFRAID of this jacket since she got it on christmas from her Mimi. Finally today my mom was able to convince her it was a Lalaloopsy jacket and she finally loves it.


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2 thoughts on “Thunder, Lightning, and….!!

    1. Heather

      She is so silly with the snow. She wants to put it in her sand bucket. She got cold so fast though, so we were only out for a few minutes. I would love to see her go sledding or something!


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