Weekend Wrap Up

We’ve been so busy lately between holidays, family, projects, etc – this weekend was more of a “normal” weekend in our books. My parents are away on vacation this week and Lennox misses them lots! She even cries out for grandma every time she gets in trouble or gets upset about something — it’s pretty funny actually. I’m sure she will be excited to see them again on Wednesday when they get back to town.

I started the weekend off with Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred! Whew… Level 3 here we go! I actually like Level 3… to me, it is much easier than level 2. We’ll see the final results in just one week!

30 Day Shred Level 3

After school Friday, Lennox decided it would be nice to make her teacher a birthday card (friday was her birthday). So she colored and stuck on a bunch of heart stickers and will proudly give it to her tomorrow, I’m sure. She is so sweet and it was all her idea 🙂 

Lennox making Birthday Card

Saturday morning Kyle had to work so Lennox and I hung out. I just love Saturday morning snuggles in bed. Rather than cuddling up next to me, her new thing is laying on top of me, so here we are, snuggled up in bed watching Disney Junior (her favorite!).

Lennox & Mommy Cuddles

This weekend, going to bed has been quite the task for Lennox. She will happily go to bed, but she doesn’t go to sleep! Saturday night she must have sang, talked, played, for almost 2 hours. She is perfectly happy up there at least, but geez, go to sleep! Tonight, she talked and sang for about an hour. I’m glad she is still in her crib so she can’t start roaming around and playing!

Lennox Sleeping

Today, Lennox was so excited to spend the afternoon with her Uncle Kollin & Aunt Sissy. They were nice enough to come over and babysit her while mommy and daddy could go hit the outlet mall to find some new clothing for vacation (next week!). I have horrible luck when it comes to clothes shopping. Ever since I had Lennox, I just don’t seem to find anything for myself, especially when I NEED something. But thankfully, today, i had better luck! The weather is going to be a little funky in Vegas when we go, but I figure layers will be the best bet and we will be in and out so I’ll just have to be a little chilly. It’s not so easy to find cold weather clothes this time of year in Texas.

Has anyone ever been to a LoveCulture store? We have a new one near us, I had never heard of it before, but they have some cute stuff — it reminds me a lot of Forever 21, but I seem to have more luck at it than at Forever 21.


Add a bunch of playing, paint with water, lalaloopsy coloring, movie watching and relaxing into the mix and that would be our weekend! We hope you had a good weekend too!



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