I Did It !!!

I did it, I did it, I DID IT! My first 30 day affair with Jillian Michael’s is DONE! I have completed all 3 levels for 30 days of the 30 day shred. This may not seem like a super huge thing to anyone who regularly works out, but I never work out and I’ve never stuck with it for this long, so I’m pretty proud of myself!


Before I get to the results, I want to look back at each level.

Level 1: I had no idea what to expect. The first day, I wanted to puke, but after day one it got better and after day 5 or 6, my soreness went away! I finished up level 1 and was ready for level 2.

Level 2: Level 2.. I didn’t like you. You were hard, you had a lot of planking, and you got boring, extremely fast. Midway through level 2 is where I started to lose my motivation and momentum. I wasn’t liking this anymore, I just felt bored I guess. So after a 2 day break, I wrapped up level 2 and was ready for my last level and home stretch!

Level 3: After completing level 2, I figured level 3 would pretty much kill me. Day 1 of Level 3, I was so scared of what Jillian was going to make me do! Honestly, Level 3 was pretty easy for me, almost as “easy” as level 1. I don’t know if this is because I had built up some strength and stamina over the first 2 levels, or if it just was easier.. who knows, but I got through it without any problems. I only had to do the modified versions on the traveling push ups and half of the time on the first plank move.

So, now that I’m done…the results.

Starting Numbers

Waist: 37″
Arms: 9.5″
Thighs: 20″
Weight: 138 lbs.

30 Day Results

Waist: 33″ (-4″)
Arms: 9″ (-.5″)
Thighs: 18″ (-2″)
Weight: 133 lbs. (-5lbs)

And… the before & after picture.

30 Day Shred Before & After

So I don’t think I took very good before/after pictures, and I’m not sure if you can see much difference in them, but the biggest difference that I’m seeing is my legs, butt and arms, but I am seeing a difference in my stomach, just not as much as everywhere else.

Would I recommend this to someone else? Yes! I would. If nothing else, it gets you to set a goal and get you in the routine of getting a workout in most every day. I really like that it is a short workout, about 25 minutes, I just don’t have time between working full-time and taking care of Lennox, to get a full hour workout in. So if you are looking for a quick workout, try this one!

What’s Next?
I have ordered Shakeology to give a shot for a month, as well as Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. I have heard good things about both, so once we get back from our Vegas Vacation, I will start with all of that. I may only do 5 days a week rather than 7, we’ll just see how it goes!

For anyone else writing about getting healthy/fit — here is the link up again!

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7 thoughts on “I Did It !!!

  1. Sarah [Nurse Loves Farmer]

    Yay for you! I have 5 days left, I had to take a major hiatus from being sick and tired last week…I cannot wait to be done. In all honesty I’m getting so sick of HAVING to work out every day. I want to continue…just not every day! Have fun in Vegas!

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  3. Tracy

    For how many days do u do each level??? I’m about to start day 1 level 1 and I’m wondering how long to stay on level 1. Thanks for your help. You look great by the way.


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