Children's consignment sale clothing prep tips

Consignment Sale Clothing Prep Tips

With everyone’s consignment sales quickly approaching, I thought I would put together another post, but this time about Consignment Sale Clothing Prep Tips. When I started the consignment sale for the first time, it was a little overwhelming, I didn’t know where to start. So I thought I would share the 7 steps I go through when getting all our sale items together. When you break it down into these steps, it seems a less overwhelming!

Children's consignment sale clothing prep tips

Get your supplies together; here is what you will need:

  • Zout Stain Remover
  • White cardstock
  • Safety Pins
  • Tagging Gun (optional)
  • Child Size Hangers (Wire are preferred but plastic tubular work too!)
  • Tape
  • Iron / Wrinkle Release Spray (optional)

1. Gather all the clothes that are for this seasons sale. Make sure to check your local consignment sale rules, as the types of clothes vary from each sale, region and season! For the spring sale at Just Between Friends Fort Worth you can sell Jeans, light weight long sleeve clothes, shorts, short sleeve tops, bathing suits, etc. Pretty much anything you can wear in the Spring/Summer in Texas + Jeans!

2. Pre-Treat & Re-Wash: Once I have sorted out all of my clothes I take a close look at each item and apply stain remover to any and all stains. Even though I put the clothes away clean, stains can appear overtime, especially from formula! Zout is my recommendation for stain remover. Zout is my best friend! I have been able to get 99% of stains out for clothes I’m selling!


3. Wrinkle Release: After everything is freshly washed, I iron anything that is wrinkled. Presentation is one of the top things to keep in mind when selling clothes at a consignment sale. The little spring dress or cute pair of shorts may be a great deal and in perfect condition, but if its a wrinkly mess, many people will skip over it. Take the time to iron everything that it needs. It gives everything a much better chance at selling. Note: Some people have mentioned using Downy Wrinkle Release but I haven’t actually tried this so I don’t know how well it works, has anyone tried it?

4. Create outfits (outfits sell better than single items in my opinion) and start hanging them! Make sure you make a question mark with the hanger, so that all the clothes are going the same direction when hung on the long racks at the sale! Note: Make sure all the pieces of the outfit are the same size!

5. Pin everything! Make sure to pin all your clothing to the hanger so that no matter how much it is moved around, it doesn’t fall off the hanger! Clothes that fall off the hanger usually get ruined and then pulled for non-sale 🙁 When pinning everything together, make sure to hold the hanger up and make sure all looks ok. You don’t want it to fold over so it hides a cute design or makes the item look bad.

how to pin and hang pants for a childrens consignment sale

Make sure to pin pants on the TOP of the hanger, rather than the bottom. When you pin to the bottom, they just slide all over the place and get lost in the racks, pinning to the top, allows them to stay in place on the racks.

6. Price & Tag: One everything is hung and pinned I enter each outfit into the tagging system online. After all the tags are in the system I print them out and start tagging! You can either use another safety pin and pin the tag on the right shoulder (this is what JBF Fort Worth requires at least)

NOTE: If you have dress that does not fall of the hanger easily, then you won’t need to pin the shoulders. What you can’t see in this picture is that the bloomers are pinned on the back, hence the pins in this picture! If the item falls off the hanger, make sure to pin!

how to pin clothes for consignment sales.jpg

OR you can use a tagging gun. I started using a tagging gun last year and it was much quicker. If using a tagging gun you have to be careful to make sure you tag on a seam on the inside neck tag so that you don’t ruin the garment! Be careful! Note: I place a small piece of tape over the pin or barb on the tag to make sure they don’t disconnect from each other. As far as price goes, price everything at 25-35% of the original price and by brand. JBF has a good consignment sale clothing sample price list that I like to go by. Remember, better brands + outfits = quick sales!

Examples (high-end brands = higher prices of course)
2 Footie Pajamas: $5
Spring Dress: $3-$6
Jeans: $3-$5
Gymboree Outfit: $6-$10

7. You are ready! Once you have cleaned, hung, pinned, priced and tagged everything you are ready to go! I try to separate all the hangers by size so that it is easier to put out on the sale floor during drop off, but everyone has a different method to that madness! This year I will be trying to use a rolling garment rack to speed up the process and reduce wrinkles!

So now your turn – What are some of your clothing prep tips for children’s consignment sales?

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8 thoughts on “Consignment Sale Clothing Prep Tips

  1. Jenn

    These are GREAT tips. Especially the hanger one on how to pin correctly. Nothing irks me more than funky hung clothes when I’m shopping!

  2. Jenn W

    I saw that the JBF Pricing Guide link in this post is broken and that you have it struck out – here is a link to the updated website and pricing guide. Hope it helps and thanks for this awesome post on how to prep your items for consignment!


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