consignment sale shopping tips

Shopping Tips for Consignment Sales

With this week being the week of kids consignment sales here in Fort Worth, I figured a Top 3 Shopping Tips for Consignment Sales post was in need!

consignment sale shopping tips

If I was asked, what are your top 3 shopping tips for going to a large kids consignment sale, my answer would be easy.

Shop Early. Have a GOOD list prepared. Have lots of Time.

It’s as simple as that. I absolutely love consignment sale shopping, but really, only twice a year! I have my sale chosen already, Just Between Friends Fort Worth, and I just love them. The sale is HUGE. I always find what I am looking for and I have had great luck selling the majority of my items. It’s a mini (ok maybe large!) shopping spree!

So more on my three consignment shopping tips.

Shop Early.

Personally, I consign and volunteer my time. These sales are run on volunteers. They couldn’t happen without them. You may be thinking, well… I have to work all day, why do I want to go work again in the evening or on the weekends? Because, It’s fun! I have had a blast volunteering for them. You get to check out all the great finds everyone is buying. It’s like you are vicariously shopping through everyone else. And to me, there are two great benefits to volunteering. I get a higher percentage of money on the items I am selling myself. For example at Just Between Friends, I get an additional 10% – That makes a difference when my sales total up to over $200-$500! I also get to shop EARLY! Consignment sales have a number of pre-sale hours before the sale is ever open to the public. Sure, there are still a TON of great items left when it is open to the public, but you should see some of the deals during the early pre-sales! This year I will be shopping one of the earliest pre-sale I ever have, and I’m really curious about what other types of deals I will find!

Prepare a GOOD List.

In the past, I have always brought of list of items I was looking for, but it was unorganized and I always have felt a little frantic when entering the sale. Where to go first? Second? Third? So this year I have put together a much better list (ok, some of it is still in my head, but it will be on paper by the time the sale happens). I will list out the items by priority and section. Toys, Equipment, Shoes, Clothes, etc. This sounds a little silly, as I write it, but when you have over 75,000 square feet of space… there are thousands of items to look at! I am also going to be writing down some rough prices for the large items I want. For example I want a video monitor and toy box. I will write down their average NEW price, so I know if this is a good deal or not. Having the amazon price checker app is great when you come across an item you don’t know, but sometimes it takes up a lot of your time looking all your items up as you shop (with full hands!). So, we will see how this works out this sale, but I have faith it will make my life easier while at the event!

Lots of Time.

And I mean LOTS of time. If you have to get a babysitter, be prepared. I am always amazed by how long I am there. It is easy to get lost in the aisle of goodies for hours (say, 4 or 5 hours)! Between shopping, sorting through all the clothing racks, sorting through all your items and standing in line (especially if you are shopping in at prime time), it tends to take quite some time. You don’t want to feel rushed, is my main point. It is also nice to have some mommy time! During the pre-sales, no children are allowed, so it’s kind of peaceful in a way!

I do spend a lot of time looking through all the clothing racks. At JBF Fort Worth, they have endless rows of clothing racks, all with double rows. There are so many items, you have to look through everything to find the best deals and items!


So those are my top 3 consignment sale tips. Hopefully you will find them helpful when heading out to your local consignment sale. I can’ t wait to go shopping on Friday! I will have to share with you all of my great deals!

Do you have a sale scheduled this season? What are your top 3 shopping tips?

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3 thoughts on “Shopping Tips for Consignment Sales

  1. Lindsay

    I love consignment and thrift stores! However, I can’t say I have much experience shopping for children as I have none. lol These are great tips though! Definitely the one about TIME. You must have patience but it pays off!

  2. Meredith

    I’m going to one consignment sale in a few weeks and then Just Between Friends here in VA in April. It will be my first ones so I’m super excited!!


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