Good Food in Las Vegas

Las Vegas: Good Eats

Early in the week I talked about the two sides of Cirque du Soleil, today I’m sharing some of the good eats we had while in Las Vegas. When we go on a vacation, Kyle loves planning out places to eat and finding new local infamous places to eat! So heading to Vegas, was no different!

Good Food in Las Vegas

The first day we headed to Fat Burger & CraftSteak. We went from extremely affordable to extremely expensive all in the same day! I would say Fat Burger rivals In & Out. Kyle enjoyed Fat Burger more, I like In & Out more. It’s a burger joint, good burgers, affordable prices ($5 burger in Vegas? CHEAP!), and delicious onion rings. Oh yeah, BOGO beer as well. They are open 24 hours a day too, so no matter what time of day or night, you can always grab a good bite to eat! Craftsteak? Amazing! If you are looking for an evening at a fancy restaurant with great steaks, this is your place; and this is from two people who live in the land of steak; Texas! Located in the MGM Grand Casino & Hotel, CraftSteak is Tom Colicchio’s restaurant. You may know Tom Colicchio from Top Chef! I always think its fun to go to restaurants that big chef’s like Tom create. We were not disappointed. We decided to skip the individual menu and go for the 3 course Chef’s menu. This came with a small cup of Lobster Bisque for both of us, 3 small salads to split, 2 entrees (we got rib eye and rack of lamb) and 3 sides PLUS dessert. Holy cow it was a lot of food, but it was sooo good and it was a much better deal for the money. If you do go, make sure to get the Lobster Bisque as an appetizer. The brussel sprouts are so good too if you like them (key factor: bacon! who doesn’t love bacon?). The Raspberry Martini is so good too!

Dessert at CraftSteak at MGM Grand Las Vegas

The next day, we ended up heading to Hash House a Go Go (featured on Man vs. Food). There are multiple locations but we opted for the stand alone, off the strip location, since we had a rental car. I think that was the best choice too. The food was really good breakfast foods with a twist and big portions (of course). It is very reasonably priced for Las Vegas as well. Check out Kyle’s Chicken & Waffles and my Corn Beef Hash House Scramble! We both only could eat half of our meals!

Breakfast at Hash House A Go Go in Las Vegas

Another great spot? Serendipity 3. Serendipity 3 is located in front of Caesar’s Palace and their frozen hot chocolate is their hot (cold?) item! Oh my goodness, it’s so good. We had the Mint Frozen Hot Chocolate. I thought maybe it would be like a milk shake, but really it isn’t. It really is frozen hot chocolate. I know the famous Serendipity is in NYC but we have never made it to that one, so I was excited when I found out there was one in Las Vegas! We did split a sandwich as well, but it was underwhelming. I would recommend just going in for their frozen treats!

Frozen Hot Chocolate Serendipity 3 Las Vegas

My favorite eats of the trip? BurGR by Gordon Ramsey in the Planet Hollywood. MMMMMM… My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I think it was the best burger of my life! It is actually a very simple restaurant and considered casual dining, but of course in Las Vegas fashion, it isn’t overly cheap. If you go, make sure to get the Blue Burger. They put a different type of Blue Cheese w/ sauce on it, it was cooked perfectly with a very flavorful roll and just the right amount of blue cheese. The sweet potato fries are topped with vanilla powered sugar and paired with a jalapeno mayo sauce, delish! And to top it all off, we split a milkshake for dessert, but it wasn’t just any milkshake. Caramel Pudding + Chocolate Shake + Homemade Whipped Cream + Toffee Cookie… all in layers. Wow.. it was good, and more than enough to split! I love Gordon Ramsey, I knew it would be great! It was fun to see everything he talks about on his shows come to live, from the atmosphere, menu, staff, food, everything!

Gordon Ramsey Burgr Las Vegas

We ate a few other places here and there but those are the highlights. I wanted to try out a few more places but between late nights/late mornings, we didn’t always get in 3 meals a day! If you are heading to Vegas anytime soon, make sure to hit some of these good eats!

So are you hungry now?

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