Goodbye 28, Hello 29…

Yesterday was my 29th Birthday.


We took the day off from our jobs and had a day out while we brought Lennox to school for a while. The plan was for me to sleep in while daddy got Lennox off to school, but that was not how Lennox decided to make the morning go. So instead, I got up after she got dressed, opened my present (a new Vera Bradley laptop bag!), and then brought her to school with Kyle. It was a big day for her too by the way. It was her first day of potty training without diapers at school – so she had to go today! More on this later!

We headed to breakfast then down to Fort Worth to check out the Titanic Artifacts exhibit that is on display at the Fort Worth Natural History Museum. It was very interesting to see what has been recovered and what the ship really was like. It really was so fancy, at least for the first and second class passengers, but such a tragedy. But if you have ever gone through something like this with the Titanic, they really did jinx themselves a lot before the ship ever set sail!

We were able to get some lunch and do a little shopping before it was time to go get Lennox. I still had lots to do tonight to wrap up for the consignment sale so we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at home on potty watch with Lennox and making cake! Lennox & Daddy made me a cake. Lennox just LOVES to make cake for your birthday! She does a good job ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are a few cute pictures from the evening.


Just making cake with Daddy and….apples!




Do you see a trend with this face?

And then it was time to eat cake!IMG_0762 IMG_0766 IMG_0786All in all, it was a good birthday! I look forward to a fun 29th year of life. Next year.. I’ll turn into an old woman ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe!

I wonder what 29 will bring?

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