Goodnight Sofia…

Last week I shared our frustrating bedtime routine lately with Lennox. That still isn’t getting THAT much better, but we aren’t giving in and we are letting her cry it out, she gets over it pretty quickly so hopefully it will stop soon!


But even with the frustrating stalling she does each night, a very cute (temporary) habit has formed. Lennox will shake your hand before going to bed and say, Hi! I’m Sofia! What’s your name? I will respond with anyone’s name and she will say, Nice to meet you and shake my hand again.

The other night she did this and this is how the conversation went:

L: Hi! I’m Sofia, What’s your name?
Me: Hi Sofia, I’m Cinderella!
L: Nice to meet you Cinderella! I love your castle!
Me: Why thank you!
L: Who painted your castle?
Me: Prince Charming.
L: Who is princess charming?
Me: No, PRINCE charming. It’s daddy.
L: Which Daddy?
Me: Your daddy! You only have one daddy!
L: I love your castle!
Me: I think it’s time to go to sleep Sofia.
L: Ok, Goodnight Cinderella.
Me: Goodnight, Sleep Tight, Sweet Dreams Sofia .

I listen to the monitor and I hear Lennox talking about Cinderella to her stuffed animals and how she loves the castle.

Just so sweet! I love this little girls imagination.

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