Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Tuesday: Bluebonnets

This week I am co-hosting the Texas Tuesday Link Up Party with Amanda from Princess of the Panhandle and Crystal from Masons Mama. This is a chance for Texas bloggers (or avid Texas fans!) to show off how awesome Texas really is.

Princess of the Panhandle

Before I moved to Texas, I had been here a handful of times visiting my sister, but really, I knew nothing about Texas other than it was extremely different from where I grew up. This is not the quaint little sea-side village on ol’ Cape Cod! I did, however, really like it.

I know that many people think it is just a huge state with no beauty, but really, it is so much more! There are so many opportunities here and there is still plenty of natural beauty. Yes, it is very different from “my home” in New England. Yes, it’s 110 degrees in the summer and everything turns brown. Yes, it’s big and busy. But there is still beauty to be found. I could give you a big long list of beautiful places to go (that I haven’t even experienced yet), but I will save those for when we actually experience them! But, today I want to share with you some wild beauty that appears every spring. Bluebonnets.

Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnets – Have you heard of them? They are one of the official state flowers of Texas. They are a blue/purple wild flower that fill fields and line the highways in the spring. You are probably thinking I’m crazy, why am I telling you about a wild flower/weed that grows on the side of the highway, in Texas of all places…

… Well, they are pretty and they are a huge part of Texas! When they start appearing, those empty fields and vast open highways get full of photographers and families, getting their annual bluebonnet pictures. They appear just around Easter time, so they make great Easter photos and fun family pictures. I bet you can go into the majority of family homes in the area and find a family or child photo with bluebonnets.

Texas Bluebonnets - A Texas Tradition

They only are really in full effect for a week or two, but while they are here, the state never mows them over. Some think it is illegal to pick bluebonnets, but after some research today, I found out that it is NOT illegal. Maybe I’ll have to pick some this time!

They haven’t shown up quite yet for me to share this years pictures (I am looking forward to better pictures this year with my new camera – more on that soon!), but here is a look at pictures we took over the past two years during bluebonnet season.



Check out the ladybug sitting on Lennox’s shoulder!





So if you are ever in Texas in the spring, look for the Bluebonnets and stop and take a picture!

Want to see what else is going on in Texas? Check out all the other awesome blogs that are linking up with Texas Tuesday {or even add your own if you have a Texas post to share!}

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3 thoughts on “Texas Tuesday: Bluebonnets

  1. Jessica

    I love when the bluebonnets pop up beside my parents’ house every year! Texas really is a beautiful state. But maybe I’m just biased since this is the only place I’ve ever lived. 🙂

  2. PerriAngela Wickham

    We love Texas Bluebonnets, too! You’re so right about them being a large part of the Texas psyche. Looks like you found some great fields the last couple of years. Please let us know of any fields you find this year! Plus, let your readers know they can get bluebonnet sightings reports for the entire state at my website, http://www.texasbluebonnetsightings.com. Good luck and happy bluebonnet hunting! : )


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