Bedtime Routine – We Need a Redo

Lennox has always gone to bed well. We have pretty much always had the same routine. Bath, PJs, read a book/watch a cartoon/play a little game (one of the above) and then it’s time to get into her crib and say good night. We turn on the nightlight, turn on her stars (projection ladybug), sing our song (Bushel and a Peck) and then off we go. She wouldn’t always go to sleep, sometimes you would hear her up there singing, reading a book or playing w/ her stuffed animal for over an hour, but she was always a happy little thing.

The past two weeks, she has decided that this isn’t going to work out!

We still do our bath, pjs, book/story and get into her crib, but it’s a fight. Its a fight to get her into her crib, for her to lay down, she always has an excuse, or someone she wants to say good night too, or something she needs to do. “I have to go potty“, “I have to wash my hands“, “I have to.. i have to….ummmm…. get my “. Any excuse, she will find it. AND THEN, if we give in, she will whine for new PJs. Seriously, each night, 2 sets of pajamas..what the heck?!

At first we were giving in, but now i’m trying to just let her whine about it and leave the room after I know she has everything she needs to go to bed. The only one I seem to give into is potty. Sometimes she really does have to go, so I feel bad saying no, but sometimes she is just saying it to get out of her crib.

I mean really, this girl should always be happy right?


I know it’s just a phase and if we stop giving in to her, she will get back into her normal routine, but man, it sure is frustrating. I hate leaving her each night yelling or crying. I want the say goodnight and have her be sweet and cuddly.

Has anyone else gone through this type of phase with their 2 1/2 year old? 

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4 thoughts on “Bedtime Routine – We Need a Redo

    1. Heather

      Well, that is interesting that it is easier in toddler bed. We aren’t there yet, she still stays laying down in her crib, so i’m keeping her there until she decides to climb out!

  1. Sarah [Nurse Loves Farmer]

    Don’t give in to your child’s demands! Stand strong! haha…seriously though…Braden has tried a few of these stalling tactics and I never let him do anything. Our routine includes going potty before bath so if he says he needs to go again, I’ll let him go once more and that’s it. We are pretty strict about our routine so he knows what’s coming. He doesn’t try to stall anymore. Good luck!

  2. Sarah

    YES! We are going through some major struggles. My 2 year old just started climbing out of her crib less than a week ago. We moved her into a toddler bed and everything exploded. She’s a horrible sleeper and has been waking up every hour, screaming for us. Be SO glad that she’s still in a crib!


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