The Best Potty Training Apps

Potty Training: The Best Apps

Keeping on the theme of potty training, I have put together a list of some of the best potty training apps that I have found so far. Most of them are FREE potty training apps available in the iTunes store – just the perfect types of apps (what? I’m cheap!).

The Best Potty Training Apps

Potty Time

The Potty Time app is by Rachel Coleman. You may be familiar with her from Nick Jr. She does the signing time shows/songs. This app will let your toddler play games, watch videos, read stories and track their successes. They also will receive “calls” from Rachel after each success or accident with encouraging words. It’s available on the iPad & iPhone and it’s Free!

Potty Time with Elmo

The Potty Time with Elmo app is a must for any Elmo fans out there. We have had this app for a LONG time, almost a year I think. Lennox loves the potty time Elmo dvd, so this goes right along with it. You can read stories with Elmo, solve puzzles and track successes. It is also available on the iPad & iPhone for $2.99 (although, sometimes it does go on sale for free!).

Potty Baby

The Potty Baby app is actually an app for parents. It lets you track your child’s potty time, success/accidents and will remind you when it’s time to remind your child again about potty time. This app is available on the iPad & iPhone for free.

Pull-Ups iGo Potty

The Pull-Ups iGo Potty app is an app by Huggies Pull-Ups. It celebrates the success of potty training with toddlers. You can set the app to remind you when potty time is. It has a fun child-ish interface that kids should love. You can also get a certificate when your child is done potty training! It is available on the iPhone for free.

The New Potty – Little Critter

The Little Critter New Potty app is not free, but Lennox just loves this story. We have read it over and over while waiting for her to go potty this week. I just found this app and will have to get it. I remember reading all the Little Critter books as a kid! How can you pass it up?

Potty Training: Learning with the Animals

icon144-1I wanted to add this app to the post. I have recently previewed the Learning with the Animals app and it is really fun and cute. Lennox immediately knew how to use it and wanted to keep playing with it. The child helps each animal on the farm find their potty when they have butterflies in their tummy and use it successfully!


Do you have any potty training apps that I am missing that you or your toddler just love?


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