Catch the Moment << Installment One <<

This is the first installment of Catch the Moments! My friend, Sarah, over at Nurse Loves Farmer is hosting this monthly link up. It encourages us all to get out our dSLR to take more every day photos. Since I just got my dSLR, this shouldn’t be too hard for me as I’m always playing around with it. Here are a few of my favorites from the last week.

My nephew, Henry, came over for the evening to play with Lennox. They just love each other and have so much fun. Bath time is always an adventure. Lennox finds it fun to dump water over Henry’s head…


Lennox is a true Texan at heart. Playing in daddy’s cowboy boots!lennox-in-cowboy-boots

This past weekend was the last weekend that my parents were in town. We took a trip down the neighborhood pond to feed the ducks.

Who is this girl and where did my baby girl go?

Lastly, this is one of our fur-babies, Gracie. She isn’t nice to many people she doesn’t know and she really kind of is a pain in the butt, but when she likes you and wants to be sweet, she is very sweet. I love her even though she drives me crazy!gracie

Catch The Moment
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4 thoughts on “Catch the Moment << Installment One <<

  1. Mindi

    Priceless moments! So glad you linked up with us. I especially love the cowboy boots. I’m a New England girl myself..from Maine but now transplanted in DC. We were in Oklahoma for 3 years and really enjoyed the midwest. Your girls are sweet. Will be following along now!


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