Cousins and Friends Forever


Lennox and Henry are cousins. They are friends and they love each other. It is so fun watching them go up together. If you don’t know, Lennox and Henry are only 6 weeks apart in age, with Lennox being the little older one. They are both completely different from each other but so similar at the same time. They both attend Montessori school, so it has been fun watching them develop and work on the same skills at the same time.

cousins-lookbackEven though we live within the same area (about 20 miles from each other) there are still times when a month or two will go by without them seeing each other, unfortunately! So when they do get together, I like the capture it, as from what you can see above, they are growing up, all too fast!

This past weekend Lennox had been begging informing me, that we were going to go see Henry. So.. that we did! They got to play outside in the nice weather, ride bikes, play in the garden and eat popsicles! Here are a few pictures from the playdate.

lennox-henry-garden-02 lennox-henry-garden lennox-lounging lennox-henry-popsicles-02 lennox-henry-popsicles-01They are so lucky to have each other and have the ability to see each other pretty much whenever they want (as long as mommy will get them together!) My cousins were always older than me or didn’t live close by so I wasn’t able to have that close relationship but it is one to be cherished and hopefully they will continue to be close for many years to come!

Are you or your kids close with their cousins? 

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