Easter Egg Hunt – Mommy Fail!

Well, Saturday we planned for cousin Henry to come over and we would all go to the neighborhood easter egg hunt – at 10:30. Well, 10:30 came and we arrived to find out it was at 10:00. The big kid group was just finishing up. OOPS! Total mommy fail 🙁 I felt bad, but at least the kids aren’t old enough to understand exactly what was going on. We still acted like nothing happened and checked out what else was going on – including a visit from the Easter Bunny.

The kids waited for their turn to go say Hi to the Easter Bunny — They both didn’t want to do it but we gave it a try — they wouldn’t go by themselves but with a parent, they did ok.



See – No tears, I call that a success!

We then decided to head back to the house and make our own easter egg hunt in the front yard. The kids thought that the Easter Bunny had come and dropped the eggs off and they had fun! Actually, it probably lasted longer than the big one would have. With all those kids, they go by SO fast with so many big kids.


We took this picture last year too and it was a keeper – so we figured we better do it again!IMG_2062Time to find some eggs in the front yard!

Easter Egg hunt Easter Egg hunt Easter Egg huntHelping each other out – what sweet cousins!

Easter Egg hunt Easter Egg Hunt with ToddlersTimes to check out the goodies!

Easter Egg Hunt GoodiesWe just got back from our Easter Weekend at Lennox’s great grandma’s and I have a lot more pictures to share, so check back later this week for those! Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt – Mommy Fail!

  1. Censie

    LOL We had an Easter Egg hunt story this weekend too!! lol
    My kiddo left the hunt with 1 twizzler and 1 EMPTY orange easter egg. He didnt care but I did!!


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