Handprint Easter Bunnies

Handprint Easter Bunnies: Easter Crafts

I don’t know about you, but I pin about 1,234 crafts for holidays on Pinterest and do about 5. There just are not enough hours in the day! But I’m trying to do more and more of them as Lennox gets older and a long attention span.

I love the handprint and footprint crafts, so I am trying to do them for the holidays now. I decided to try out the handprint bunnies! Lennox loves giving people cards and presents, so since we will be seeing almost all of the family for Easter, she wanted to give them all an Easter Card.

Here are some pictures from our Easter Handprint Bunny Card making! You just have them paint their hand and press it down on the paper (minus the thumb). If you can, have them keep a gap in the middle, that will help with the ears, but that is easier said than done with a little one with wiggly fingers!






Add the eyes, nose and whiskers and you have a bunny!

Handprint Easter BunniesHave you done an Easter craft this week with your little one?

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6 thoughts on “Handprint Easter Bunnies: Easter Crafts

  1. Jessica P

    I love ideas like this, unfortunately my boys aren’t crazy about going along with momma’s ideas! Maybe next year when they are a bit older! Your daughter is adorable btw!

    1. Heather

      She had fun, there seem to be handprint crafts for EVERY holiday so maybe the next one you can try with Owen 🙂 You have the supplies, that’s for sure!


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