Lalaloopsy … Everything!

Lalaloopsy Obsessed


Lennox loves her toys. She has LOTS of toys. But some of her favorites lately are Lalaloopsy. At Christmas, we skipped over everything Lalaloopsy, thinking she wouldn’t like them yet or she was too young, but the few gifts she got from others, she really loved. I think that is still her favorite and for sure, the most used Christmas toy – a Lalaloopsy blanket. How simple. She just loves it and has to sleep it every night. She calls it her “Blanklee” So this all started her obsession.


Lennox got 3 Lalaloopsies from family at Christmas time. Those little suckers are expensive, so she hadn’t gotten anymore. But I was lucky enough to get some new ones for her at the consignment sale the other week for super cheap (we’re talking $4/$5 each)!


(not pictures: Pillow Featherbed – totally excited I found that one for her)

Television & Movies

We were watching Nick Jr. the other day, we saw the preview for a Lalaloopsy show! We were both excited for it! Up until now, there has just been the 1 movie, which we have watched too many times on Netflix. There is also a new movie, which is only available on TV and at Walmart. If your kiddo likes Lalaloopsy too, check out the new show on Nick Jr. starting Friday, March 29 at 7:30pm EST.

Party Planning

What else Lalaloopsy? Well, I am planning on Lennox’s THIRD (whoa) birthday party to be Lalaloopsy themed! Instead of going all out and having the party at home, we are going to have her birthday party at the neighborhood spray park. I don’t have to get the house ready, it’s free and it’s fun! We will be able to invite all her little friends from school too. I will of course, still have plenty of items at the party that will be Lalaloopsy themed. Here are a few of my favorites from Pinterest.

Lalaloopsy party ideasWater Bottles / Button Sign / Goodie Bags / Table Top / Cupcake Toppers / Button Pops

I think the decor for a Lalaloopsy party can be so much fun since its bright and playful. I will post more about this as we get closer to Lennox’s birthday and as I plan it all out. These are just some of my initial finds!

Does your little one love Lalaloopsy too? Have you had a Lalaloopsy party? I’d love to see pictures from it!

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6 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy … Everything!

  1. Jess Burrell

    I’ve heard of this cartoon before! My daughter is still stuck on Baby Einstein and The Cat In The Hat… She’s turns the big #1 on April 10th. It took me so long to figure out what exactly I wanted her theme to be because the possibilities seemed endless!! Having a girl is so much fun 🙂

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