Lennox learning to ride her bike

She’s on a Roll! >> Wordless Wednesday

If you remember a while back, Lennox got a bike for Christmas from her Mimi. We have been using it on and off, but over the past month she has really gotten it down and can pedal really fast. She wasn’t really steering, so she would crash into things if we didn’t help her out, but this last weekend, she got it! She was doing circles around the kitchen and house and then followed the sidewalk down to the pond and playground.

She is very determined when she is riding, check out her faces:

Lennox riding her bike

Lennox learning to ride her bike

Here she is in action…

She did great on our neighbors regular bike too with training wheels, but I think she likes the seat back still, so we’ll stick with the Radio Flyer for now! She did experiment going down the driveway (which is a decline) and she went crashing into Daddy’s car…OOPS!!

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