My Kid is Weird Sometimes!

Do you ever have moments that you realize how weird/silly your kid is? Contrary to how it may look in one of the videos i’m about to share with you, she really is quite smart, but she sure is silly, funny and weird!

I stayed at school with her yesterday after drop-off time to help out with their easter egg hunt. She was so excited that I was staying – she was showing me all her works at school and everything she usually does.


We had the easter egg hunt, which apparently she is really good at! It is a good thing the teacher split all the eggs up during nap time so that it was even, because Lennox had about 30 eggs and some other kids at 5. She goes for the gold when it comes to easter eggs!

Once the egg hunt was over, we stayed for recess and their little party/snack-time. During recess she decided it would be a good idea tot put the big bucket on her head, that all the soccer balls were in… and this is what happened:

See? I told you she was weird!

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4 thoughts on “My Kid is Weird Sometimes!

  1. mel

    haha- look at Lenox in that video. I would have laughed with her walking around the field with her bucket! So funny! She is truly one of the most adorable kids!!

    1. Heather

      She is so silly, it was so funny! We were all laughing at her – she was totally doing it for attention! And thank you for the compliment!


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