Potty Training

Potty Training – It’s Happening.

Potty training has commenced in the Terrell household. We have half tried a few times, but Lennox never was ready. She has wanted to wear big girl underwear for a while, sometimes she would wear it over her pull-up — whatever makes her happy! So we are in the no diapers/pull ups mode all the time except for nap and bedtime while at home and at school. I think we could drop nap at home since she is waking up dry and at school she doesn’t wear a pull-up.

Potty Training

Last week, her teacher at school said they thought she was finally mentally mature enough and ready to give it a real shot. So we packed up a big bag of clothes and “big girl underwear” and off to school she went. She was very excited to be doing this. We told her she had to be a big girl and tell her teacher when she had to go potty.

Day 1 came and went and home came a big bag of wet clothes. 🙁 It was a little disappointing but I knew it was to be expected. Each day, she has gotten better and better. Then this weekend, she finally went #2 in the potty. This was a big deal for her since she really could care less when she had a dirty diaper and never would tell us. It has only been that one time but she is starting to tell us if she has an accident and will stay dry for long periods of time now.

Over the weekend, we left the house to go to the zoo and she stayed dry for about 2 1/2 hours, which was so great! She used the public toilet too without being scared. I was very proud of her! She will even call for us in the evening after going to bed to tell us she has to use the potty.

She goes back to school tomorrow (today) and my parents go back home (insert sad Lennox face) so we’ll see how she does when she has the distraction of friends. works and a semi-quiet household.

What are your best potty training tips for a child who is in school/daycare during the day? A lot of the tips/techniques I have heard, don’t work as well when they are in school all day.

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4 thoughts on “Potty Training – It’s Happening.

    1. Heather

      At school they are very pro-active with potty training, no diapers, bathroom in the classroom, etc. So i’m happy for that. I just don’t know if she gets too distracted by her friends to remember to go to the potty! Most of her friends are potty trained so maybe she will learn by watching them.


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