Potty Training Update

Well, another week has come and gone in the potty training world we are in. There are officially big girl undies all over the house. Lalaloopsy, Minnie Mouse, Training Undies… They are everywhere it seems! But they are oh so cute!

Last week I shared that Lennox had such a great weekend – pretty much 4 days accident free! Then we started the school week again. Monday & Tuesday were BAD potty training days, lots and lots of accidents at school and at home and she just didn’t seem to care at all. It was a little discouraging but I knew it was normal and that she was going to go back and forth before she gets it completely.

Then Wednesday she turned around and only had one accident all day. Thursday and Friday were good days at school as well. Overall, the school week went pretty well, and she did very well at home.

Friday night we headed out to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live, so she went back into a pull up that evening since I had no idea what the bathroom and potty situation would be. I should note that we only use pull-ups now when we won’t be home for a long period of time and on the go. She just doesn’t give ANY notice yet when she has to potty, so when we are out and about it just works out better. So even though we have the pull-ups on, she is pretty much always staying dry and keeps asking to go when necessary. Through the whole trip to Dallas, the Yo Gabba Gabba show and home, she stayed dry and asked to go potty when she needed to go. She did the same the next morning at her friend’s birthday party. So, I am very proud of her!



This  ^^^^  is Lennox’s mom….really?! look… but I had to take a picture of her on the potty… because you know what? She woke up completely dry this morning!!

Most of her accidents now are still #2, but we have had some successes over the past week, so it is slowly getting better. Does anyone have any tips on that? She is very unpredictable and you can never tell when she has to go!

With last week being a wacky week at school since it was Spring Break down here in Texas (different teachers, different children), my hopes are for a more consistent week this week as we will be back on her normal routine at school. We’ll see how it goes!

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6 thoughts on “Potty Training Update

    1. Heather

      Sometimes it’s hard! If he keeps not doing well, he may just not be ready and you will have to take a breather and try again!

  1. Lyndsey Delaney

    No tips but we are in the same boat. Lily has been trained on #2 for a few months now and she did that pretty much on her own with our encouagement and bringing her to the potty whwn she had to go. It took a few weeks of that and then one day she just started doing it on her own. We still are having issues with her telling us she needs to pee. Same thing as you..some days are great and accident free and some days we have multiple. She still isn’t telling us before she is needs to pee and we remind her still. But she tells us as soon as she has an accident which is an improvement from where we started. Been out in public a few times now too. This past weekend she didn’t want to use the pull up when we went out which caused me a bit of anxiety. Thankfully she stayed dry, I didn’t panic and I now appreciate the family restrooms!

    1. Heather

      Well, it’s good that she will do #2 no problem. I never know when she needs to go, is going or has gone! She just goes while playing.. no signs! So its hard to catch her before she has to go – but she will get there eventually. It does cause some anxiety when you leave without a pull-up. I did that the other day and I had no change of clothes with me either — talk about nervous — but we did well and she asked to go potty while at Target. Thankfully – she likes public bathrooms!

  2. Sarah [Nurse Loves Farmer]

    Wonderful! That’s one thing that I liked about the 3 day method the most – it taught Braden to recognize his cues so I was never 2nd guessing when he had to go, he always told me. Glad that you have found a way that works so good for Lennox!

    1. Heather

      Thanks! I wanted to do the 3 day method, but lately with our schedule and the fact that she is at school most days, it just didn’t work out. I try not to ask her too much and let her make the decision she has to go – that seems to help!


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