Daddy and Daughter Playing Guitar

Potty Training Update

Last week I posted about how we have started potty training with Lennox. I wanted to follow-up that post with an update. Now a week and a half after starting…Lennox is doing fantastic! I’m one proud mama so far!

As I mentioned before, Lennox was having a lot of accidents, as to be expected, and didn’t want to tell us or even care if she did #2.

This weekend everything turned around!

It really started to click completely on Thursday. Thursday she went from when she woke up until she went to bed without an accident. 100% dry, all day long at school and home! She did wake up at 4am and ask to go potty… She was still dry at that point, so I couldn’t be too upset about the 4am wake up call, but I’m glad that hasn’t become a nightly trend! Still, I couldn’t believe it. The previous day she had about 5 accidents at school! Then Friday, she did it again with just 1 #2 accident at school. Still, really great in my book.

Saturday and Sunday – we had again 100% accident free days. Both days we left the house for 4+ hours, she stayed dry, asked to use the potty multiple times and FINALLY has gone #2 in the potty on her own! She will tell us her tummy hurts and she will run to the potty or have us get her to one ASAP. It’s the little things people!

As a reward for such great work at potty training, she got a BARBIE GUITAR.. I mean really, how much more girly can a guitar be? Her cousin has a guitar and she just loves to play with it, so that was one of the toys I got at the consignment sale last week (for $4 mind you!). She has had fun “rocking out” with it all weekend. She even found our old Rock Band guitar and had daddy play a song with her. Too cute.

Daddy and Daughter Playing Guitar

Daddy and Daughter Playing GuitarI can’t wait to see how she does this week at school. Her routine will be a little off since its Spring Break here in Texas, so it will only be her aftercare friends and not her daily school routine, but her teacher is the same. I am hopeful she will stick with her successes and continue being a big girl!

PS. I love to buy things for Lennox. I buy her more things than I buy myself now. This includes big girl underwear! I found Lalaloopsy underwear at Walmart last week and couldn’t wait to give them to her this weekend when she did a good job. She loves Lalaloopsy! Who would have thought underwear was exciting?!

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7 thoughts on “Potty Training Update

    1. Heather

      It will click, it just takes some time! I was a little disappointed at first as well, but then it seemed to click. hopefully it will stay this way and just keep getting better.

      hang in there! are you taking jude out of diapers 100% or using pull-ups? I find that pull-ups don’t work (other than when you are out in public in the beginning and sleeping).

    1. Heather

      I can’t wait for no diapers! She didn’t do well today, but she was exhausted all day, so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day at school for her.


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