Look! Animals!

My parents headed back up north last week, but before they left we had one more family outing to the Dallas Zoo. It was a beautiful day weather wise, so it worked out to be a great day. The Dallas Zoo really is so different from the Fort Worth Zoo (which is closer to our house) but my dad hadn’t seen it yet, so we decide to head there.

We played on the elephant statues and safari truck…IMG_0977



We watched animals with Aunt Kim (Lennox just loves her auntie Kim!)


IMG_1094IMG_1060The Gorillas were FINALLY out. Everytime we go, they are always hiding in their habitat. That is one benefit and disadvantage to the Dallas Zoo. Since it a research zoo, the animals have huge habitats, to make them feel more in the wild. You get to see them interacting with other animals at times, but then other times they are nowhere to be found!

Then we got to do our favorite part, feed the giraffes! You can buy lettuce (or crackers, depending on the day) and go right up and feed them. Some of them will even let you pet their heads. The kids loved this!
IMG_1013IMG_1012 IMG_1003

If you didn’t know, Giraffes have really long gray tongues! IMG_1008

While we were there, they had a Macaw fly away during a bird show (or from their habitat, I’m not sure with – they are not caged in). I have never seen so many zoo keepers running around! It’s pretty much an impossible animal to catch. The last we knew it was heading for the highway, hopefully it decided to come back home!


And a few other pictures from the day…IMG_1137Cousins 🙂
IMG_1141She loves her grandma.. even if it doesn’t look like it in this picture!


It was a nice end to my parents annual winter visit. Lennox misses them so much already, although I think she is a little mad they left! But whenever she gets in trouble, she starts calling for Grandma & Papa… go figure!

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