Lennox, Next Top Model?

Sponsor Note: I recieved free product from Zulily in return for this post.

Will Lennox be the Next Top Model with Tyra Banks? I think not! She didn’t want to pose at all like she usually does, and she HAD to have her sneakers and Lollipop for all the pictures in this post. Kids!

Anyways…What this post is really about…Children’s Clothing!

Zulily, if you don’t know of it already, is great! It is a daily deals site for Moms, Babies & Kids items. Zulily is always offering a wide range of items, from bathing suits for the kiddos, maternity items for expecting moms, shoes, toys and even household items. Everything is always listed at a fraction of the retail value.

We were lucky enough to have someone at Zulily hand select some items for little miss Lennox. Let me tell you, when the box arrived, she was so excited. What got her excited? Without even knowing what was in the box, the fact that there was something wrapped up in hot pink tissue w/ a big ribbon, she was jumping up and down going crazy! She loved it even more when she found out it was some new clothes for her. This girl, she loves clothes. Mommy & Daddy’s wallets may not like this as she turns into a teenager!

So what was in the box? Well, Lennox got 3 great outfits, all very different from each other and a special bathing suit. All which are great for the HOT HOT summers here in Texas.

Fairy/Butterfly Bathing Suit

This is super cute and is great quality – better than most we have had in the past actually. And to give you an idea of how much she loved it, she wore it all evening and while eating dinner the other night. Yup, she loves it.


One cute feature of this bathing suit that made it different from others I’ve seen — the wings! The wings come on and off and include a little zip pocket on the back. What we put in this? I’m not sure – we could put a dollar in there for the ice cream man at the local pool! I’m sure some toys will end up in there too some day. The wings can go in the water as well, but I’m assuming it would be easier to take them off before swimming! I can just see her running around the spray park pretending to be a fairy or butterfly!

Birdie Outfit

The first outfit was by the brand Fred Bare. It included a super soft pink tee w/ ruffle sleeves and some little white shorts. The shorts are still a little big on her, as she is a skinny little thing with no tummy or hips, but the adjustable waist is great! I really only buy pants with adjustable waist now — she just can’t fit in them otherwise. She also loves that there are pockets – this girl is obsessed with pockets!


Don’t mind the lollipop — I couldn’t take it away from her!

Floral Dress

This dress is by Fred Bare as well and is extremely light weight and has 2 layers so that it is not sheer – which is what we need in the summers. I put it on Lennox and she immediately started twirling around — so I guess it has a good TWIRL factor!


This dress is breezy, bright and beautiful – I can’t wait to have her wear it all spring and summer long!

Authentic Navy, White & Pink Dress

This dress was an instant favorite of Daddy’s. It is a different cut than most you see for little girls, but it’s very cute. I think it can be casual or fancy depending on the occasion. This dress is by Yo Baby, which after looking into is a Fair Trade company that uses quality fabrics from India. Interesting! What you can’t see in this picture is that the back has a pink tie too that pulls the waist in snug to fit your little ones body tight. This is a good feature for skinny mini’s like Lennox!


Both this dress and the floral dress are great because they are different from what you see every day in your basic stores. Sometimes they all blend together so I like the variety and uniqueness of these items.

So bottomline? The items from Zulily are really high quality at a huge fraction of the price. They are unique and something different from what every other 3-year-old is wearing! I would never hesitate to order from them. If you are looking for an Easter Dress, Birthday Dress or any other holiday dress, Zulily would be a great resource. They are even running a promotion right now that gets you $5 off your first Zulily order of $35 or more! So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for Zulily daily emails and get some super cute items for you or your kiddos!


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Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post but I did recieve free product in return for my honest opinions and review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Meredith

    I LOVE the last dress – def my fav out of all here! I just discovered this website a few weeks ago, such cute stuff on there!


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