Catch the Moment << Installment Two <<

This is the second month I’m joining up with Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer for the Catch the Moment series. I’m trying to catch some different moments with Lennox, rather than just poses and standard pictures. Most of these are from this past weekend while playing around on Easter.

Lennox liked exploring the outside of her Great Aunt & Uncles house this weekend. IMG_2302 IMG_2291

Lennox loves, loves, LOVES her Great Uncle Tony. He has great patience with her and she always gets him to read to her. So sweet 🙂IMG_2155Lennox was so excited to help Grannie Annie make a “soda” cake. She said the cutest thing when it was time for the eggs. Grannie cracked it, and Lennox goes, “Look! It’s hatching!”

IMG_2151She even got Grannie Annie (her GREAT grandma) down on the grown with her to look through all the eggs she found. She just loves her Grannie Annie.

Lennox loves to put her clothes on herself, and sometimes I love just watching how she figures obstacles out. IMG_1799Here you can find all the Catch the Moment posts as well.

So pull out your camera and try to capture the moments as well!

Catch The Moment
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10 thoughts on “Catch the Moment << Installment Two <<

  1. Meagan

    These are great pictures! I love this link up! I think I’ll be joining in! I co-host a weekly photography challenge link up on Thursdays. You should join in on that too!


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