An Almost 3 Year Old + Lalaloopsy Party Planning

This girl? Is almost 3… when did that happen?


She is such a big girl. With all the birthday parties we have been to lately for her school friends, she is SO READY for her own birthday party. As I already mentioned, we will be having a Lalaloopsy themed party at our neighborhood spray park. She has been helping me pick out goodies for the party. I have of course been searhing the hundreds of ideas on pinterest. These lalaloopsy people are HARDCORE! I will never be that good or that committed to Lalaloopsy, but I can at least take some of their ideas, right?

I have decided on food for the party – since it will be midmorning time, we aren’t going to do a full meal, but we will have snacks and then cake. For snacks I was thinking something like this:

Lalaloopsy party snack ideas

All taken from Pinterest. Fruit Punch Cupcakes (I’m not sold on this yet, but its an idea) // Watermelon cut out with cookie cutters into fun shapes // Oreo Pops (maybe with colored Oreos rather than regular white ones // and Veggie skewers! The lovely people at Chobani are going to be providing Chobani Champion Yogurt Tubes too.

As far as favors, Target Dollar Spot had Lalaloopsy coloring books a few weeks ago so I grabbed a bunch of those. I will find something else to go with them and the wrap them up to look something like this:

Lalaloopsy favor

Source Pinterest:

My question for you is, what about the boys? Do I give them the Lalaloopsy coloring book favor as well or something else? There are boy Lalaloopsy’s but the coloring books are very girly. What are your thoughts/suggestions for very gender specific parties?

52 Days until Lennox turns 3 … wow.

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5 thoughts on “An Almost 3 Year Old + Lalaloopsy Party Planning

  1. Jen

    I never even heard of Lalaloopsy before! Sounds like you have found some great ideas. I would give the boys the same coloring book or buy a few different themes and let them pick. 🙂

  2. Jessica

    They do grow up so fast! I have a toddler who just turned 2. I love planning parties :). I guess for little boys, if there is something Lalaloopsy for boys, I’d go for it! Thanks for stopping by the SHOW OFF Blog Party :). Always happy to have you there!

    The Wondering Brain

  3. Vashti Quiroz-Vega

    Hi Heather! Great ideas! Love the food. Yum! I came across your blog via the SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party! I’m a follower. Why not buy coloring books for the boys too? They like to color as much as the girls. Please visit my blog and if you enjoy my post, click “Like” or leave a comment. I appreciate the support.

    Thank you,


  4. Mama's High Strung

    With 2 boys and 3 girls, I have no problem with gender-specific parties. It makes it so much easier to buy favors, find a theme, etc. If they have Lalaloopsy for boys, get some of those and let everyone choose. I guess, sort of like let them fill their own goodie bag. Found you on Favorite Post Blog Hop. Following you here and everywhere! Check out my website: and my links.


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