Montessori Gardening Day


Gardening is one of the key elements at Lennox’s Montessori school during the spring and summer months. Each classroom gets a specific area to plant flowers, vegetables and fruits. The children are responsible for watering the plants on a daily basis, picking the fruit/veggies, cutting the flowers, etc. They watch them grow and watch what happens. They even love when the little lizards and bugs go through their gardens. The gardens This helps them learn responsibility, life and the importance of nature.

Each spring, they have their annual gardening day where each student has to bring in plants or seeds – parents are welcome to come help the students plant them and set each garden up. Last year only I was able to attend so Lennox was excited this year that both of us would be there! We have so much fun watching her interact with all her friends and helping them all out.

Here is Lennox before heading out to school – she was excited that mommy was staying at school and she had to do “cheese” before getting in the car! Isn’t she cute in her little uniform?


Lennox is ready to help out Daddy transplant some bushes!
gardening-day-07Checking out all the fruits and veggies that are going to be growing this spring! All the fruits and vegetables that are produced are worked into the children’s snacks and lunches – they love eating everything they grow! If there is an abundance of something, parents are welcome to pick some and bring it home.

gardening-day-01Phew… Gardening is hard work – time to take a rest on the bridge.


The kid’s favorite part? Watering the plants… of course!gardening-day-03


Lennox’s pretty flowers – right outside her classroom windows (they have floor to ceiling windows so they can keep a close eye on what is happening w/ their flower beds)!gardening-day-04 gardening-day-06

To keep up with the trend of gardening at school – she has some plants at home she will be helping take care of and will “help” in the garden throughout the spring and summer season! Unfortunately, we don’t have any shaded area in our yard, so its hard to have fruit and veggies garden, but we will have plenty of flowers for her to water and feed during the hot hot summers! Do you have a garden for your little ones to take care of?

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