Potty Training Update (Final one?) + New App Review

I hope this will be my final potty training update, until I tell you that we have no accidents for a LONG time!

Potty Training Update

This past Wednesday was a big milestone for little miss Lennox; she went one whole week with NO ACCIDENTS. She got to go pick out a present at the store, and out of everything, she picked out ABC writing/flashcards — who would have guessed!

I will say, she does still wear a pull-up at night but 80-90% of the time, she wakes up dry in the morning! If we took the sippy cup away, then I’m assuming we would have even more dry mornings, but it’s SO dry here right now, everyone needs the water at night, so I will fight that battle at a later point. f

We have had a few little accidents since on Thursday/Friday but then this past weekend we went out-of-town for Easter. I kept a pull-up on her all weekend, but not one time did she get that pull-up wet. I’m so proud of her!

The end of any type of pull-up/training pants is very close in sight!

What have we been doing? Well, as I mentioned before – no pull-ups at home or school (except night-time), training potty’s & toilet rings in every bathroom so she can go wherever she wants. We let her do it herself. She will go in and get her pants off, go potty, put her pants back on, wash her hands and then come and tell us. This is what they do at Montessori school as well. They let her do it all herself. Of course, if she asks for help, we give her help – but a lot of the times she tells us to leave her alone when she goes potty!! I guess she likes her privacy, now if only she would realize that mommy & daddy would like to potty in peace sometimes too!

Other than that? We don’t do much else. I try not to ask her very often anymore if she needs to potty. If I know its been a few hours, I will say something in passing like, remember to go to the bathroom if you need to potty, but that’s it. That seems to be enough. She can go longer and longer between potty visits when she wants.

I do notice that she will use the “I have to go potty” excuse to play w/ something that is in there or to get out of doing something, which is hard to deal with other than letting her do it, since you can’t tell if she really has to go – but it’s getting more and more obvious so we will have to work on that.

Getting “big girl panties” that were not the padded training pants, seemed to help too. I got some with Lalaloopsy on them and Grandma got Minnie Mouse ones – she loves to put all the characters on. Excited about underwear = fewer accidents!

Overall, the process has been smooth! High Five to Lennox!

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Potty Training Learning with the Animals iPad AppOn the potty training note, I recently posted about my top potty training apps. Since then, I was given the opportunity to preview a new potty training app that was just released today; Potty Training: Learning with the Animals! Here is a little about the app, which is available now on iPad & iPhone:

icon144-1“All around the farm the animals. Your child can relate to the animals as they make funny ‘gotta-go-to-the-potty’ dancing movements. The animals even feel butterflies in their stomachs, just as inexperienced youngsters learning bathroom rituals do. Small children enjoy helping the animals to make it to the potty, learn by example, and build up empathy for others. Watching and encouraging all of the animals to use the big kid toilet is a tasteful and highly effective way to set a positive mood for potty training.”

I was given a free copy of the app to try out and immediately gave it to Lennox to try on the iPad. She knew exactly what to do with it right away and loved it. She finished the “game” and wanted to do it over and over again. It was fun to see her telling all the animals to “hold it” until they got to their potty!




So Lennox says, go buy the Potty Training: Learning with the Animals app for the iPad & iPhone. For now, it is $1.99!

Disclosure: I was compensated for portions of this post, as well as received a free copy of the iPad app. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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7 thoughts on “Potty Training Update (Final one?) + New App Review

  1. Jazmine A.

    Potty Training with the Animals is very helpful app to my sibling. Nice intention and very interactive. I truly appreciate this app! Keep it up guys! 🙂 I highly recommend this app.

  2. Pina s

    Kids are facisnated by the adorable characters. Would definately recommend to every mommy I know.
    Pottytrainningapp is a must!


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