Remember Book Order Day?

Do you remember the days during grade school where you were handed out a small packet, full of fun new books, activity pads and sometimes even games?

Old Book Order Forms

Book Order Forms! Source: Pinterest

We would beg our parents to buy one, fill out the long skinny form and return it with money to school. Then we had to wait…and wait.. and wait (probably 4-6 weeks!) Finally the day came that the orders arrived at the school and you got to bring home your new item(s)!

Well, I don’t know how many schools handle the book order now, but here in the city setting and at Lennox’s school, the books just come to the school in the form of a book fair, rather than the order form. Lennox’s school has the book fair twice a year. We headed there after our parent teacher conference on Friday to let her pick out a few new books. She made some good selections at first … Dream Big, Little Pig and Ree Drummond’s children’s book: Charlie, The Ranch Dog!

But then… she decided she wanted a Barbie book too. We are just now entering the Barbie stage — oh what joy! I was not a kid that was that into Barbie actually, but I think she is going to be into it much more. She will make her Mimi and Great Aunt Teresa, proud! They both loved Barbie as a kid – I have a feeling she will get plenty of Barbie’s from them over the years!


Overall, good book selection by Lennox, but I personally could of done without the Barbie book!

After asking Kyle what it was like with book orders as a kid, he said it was the same way, it was the same day type fair rather than the order forms. It’s a little sad that she won’t experience the whole process of ordering the books. It’s such a minor thing, but it is one of those fun memories about being in grade school.

Do you remember having book order forms being sent home and waiting and waiting for them to arrive after ordering?

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4 thoughts on “Remember Book Order Day?

  1. Mel

    Yes!!!! Was just thinking about these the other day! We actually had both! Book orders for the Teacher’s and the PTa would do a book fair a few times a year!!!!


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