Spring Flowers & Toddler Gardening

With the warm temperatures finally here (ok, minus today when it got into the 40’s) that means everyone in the neighborhood has their flowers put into the garden, potted plants on their porches and we’re all spending more time outside. With the HOT Texas summers, this is prime time because soon it will be too hot to even be outside!

I was sent some flowers from ProFlowers.com for Lennox to take care of.  Although you may think of ProFlowers.com when shopping for a flower bouquet for a birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day, what you may not know is that they have a wide selection of plants as well. Since we have been on the trend of gardening at school and home, I chose the plant over a bouquet for the one reason, Lennox could take care of it.


What we received was the French Market Bulb Garden. This planter is full of blubs that within a week were growing quickly and within 10 days or so, we had flowers! Lennox has really enjoyed watching how much it grows each day – with bulbs, you can really see a difference from day to day; which is great for a little one!


We started the plant inside and then moved it outside so that it could get more sun. Each day Lennox checks on it before and after school, and then waters it each afternoon.



As far as the quality of the product – I was impressed with how quickly it was delivered and the condition of the plant upon delivery. Honestly, being shipped through UPS, I was nervous that something would be wrong with the plant, but it was packed very securely, the soil was moist and the bulbs were just sticking up through the dirt. Lennox could immediately tell there were plants growing, rather than just a pot of dirt!


Not all the bulbs are blooming yet, there are still MANY more to come, but they will bloom i’m sure and Lennox will have fun taking care of it. Once they are done, we’ll transplant them into our garden and each spring she can enjoy them again!

Disclaimer: I received free product from ProFlowers.com in return for this post. All opinions and photos are 100% my own.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Flowers & Toddler Gardening

  1. mel

    Gah! She is just too cute. I think I told you before but I absolutely love her name! I love that she is learning through ProFlowers how to garden and such. What a cute post!

  2. Maria Dowey

    Kids love flowers because they are colorful. It is a good habit to grow flower plants in your garden or in the kids room to make them happy and healthy. Parents should teach this kind of good habits to their children.


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